Segway Tours FAQ

What is a Segway?

The Segway is the first personal transport system that emulates the human balance system. It is an apparatus that emits no contamination, environmental or noise, takes up approximately the same space as a pedestrian and allows for more rapid movement, to go further and carry a greater load than walking, which allows better use of time and movement in a comfortable and safe way.

And how does it work?

It uses a system of gyroscopes and tilt sensors that detect the position of the body 100 times per second, anticipating the movement of the user. Leaning forward, backward, left or right, the Segway immediately moves in the appropriate direction and velocity required. Staying in a vertical position, brings it gently to a standstill.

Is it difficult to drive?

It is highly intuitive and normally five minutes practice are enough to realise how easy it is.  However, in all our tours we give personal tuition to each user until they feel completely secure.

Is it safe to go on a Segway?

The same can be said of a bicycle or skates. Security is one of the most worked on areas by the Segway engineers. All the subsystems are duplicated to guarantee equilibrium can be maintained and the ability to stop in the unlikely case of the failure of one of the components. Also, its movement based on equilibrium makes it difficult to crash into another person or given that the natural reaction before a collision is to throw oneself backwards that is precisely what the Segway does to stop.

What speed can it go?

Maximum velocity is 18 km per hour although on the Tours it is limited to half that to guarantee  that there are no accidents with other users or the environment in general.

What age do you have to be to drive one?

By the City Hall regulations since September 2017 there is minimal age to ride a segway is 16 years old. For underage we offer mini ebikes Xiaomi so kids can join a group on it.

Is there a weight limit?

You must weigh between 35 and 140 Kg

Any other type of limitation?

Yes. For obvious reasons it is not recommended for pregnant women. Apart from this, anybody who can stay on their feet whilst on the tour can enjoy the experience.

Is it necessary to reserve in advance?

Although it is possible that there are places free the same day, we recommend that you reserve a place on line to be sure.

Is it possible that the tour could be cancelled?

Only in very exceptional circumstances. In Barcelona it rains little but if it does rain we have raincoats for everyone.

And if I have to cancel my reservation?

If you cancel your reservation with 48 hours notice, we will return your money. With 24 hours notice  we apply a charge of 50% and if you cancel on the day whilst there is no refund we can try to reschedule for another day.

Is it possible to organize group tours?

We love to organize group tours so if you are interested contact us and we will negotiate a special price.

Is it possible to organize a night tour?

Not only is it possible but with good weather especially good. Contact us to discuss it.

Is it possible to rent a Segway?

Sorry but for the moment we only rent them for corporate events, conventions, parties, etc. and always with our personnel providing support during the course of the event.


We want to be honourable and honest with you and have to say that getting on a Segway is addictive so that probably the next question will be the following. Where can I buy a Segway?