Segway tour in Bacrelona, 120 min

Segway glide in typical Barcelona area

Beginning our tour with a practical training session, you’ll get very comfortable driving the electric ecofriendly two-wheel Segway. We start at the Gothic Quarter, the historical center of Barcelona, and move to the equally ancient Old Port, nowadays the most luxurious marina in the city.
Driving through the promenade along the shoreline you’ll get some insight about the great past events that contributed to the growth of the city and made Barcelona charming and beautiful as it is today. Riding along the waterfront you will relax and enjoy driving your Segway while contemplating the city’s architecture and finding perfect backgrounds for your photographic moments.
We’ll introduce you to the very typical neighborhood of La Barceloneta and the tragic history behind it, and to its bustling urban beach, sliding all the way to visit the panoramic ground terrace of the Olympic Port, packed with amazing sights of the mountains and the city’s lovely skyline. Gliding through the maritime promenade you’ll enjoy the modernized leisure areas of the Olympic Village, stage of the Games in ’92 and the main meeting point of the event, effortlessly on top of a Segway.
After this beautiful ride we move into the city’s central park, the Parc de la Ciutadella, one of the main meeting areas for Barcelonians to meet and hang out. Here we can find interesting buildings and monuments since the park was the main stage of a World Fair in Barcelona. Close by, we will visit the monumental Ark of Triumph, also built for that major event the modernized the city, then to move into the labyrinthic old town streets back to the base.